Rates Fee Schedule
Current Fee Schedule
Share Draft Account Fees

Overdraft Fee $25.00/item


Returned Item Fee


2nd Party Returned Item Fee $5.00/item
Stop Payment Fee $20.00/item*
Share Draft Printing Fee prices vary depending on style
Share to Share Draft Transfer to Cover NSF    $5.00/item*
Share Draft Copy Fee $2.00/item*

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Account Reconciliation Fee $20.00/hour
Statement Copy Fee $2.00/copy*
Deposited Item Return Fee $25.00/item
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing)   $15.00/transfer
Foreign Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing) cost + $15.00/transfer
Certified Check Fee $3.00/check*
Travelers Check Fee $1.00/packet
Money Order Fee $2.00/each
Returned Mail Fee

$10.00/2nd item

Safe Deposit Box Fee (3x10, 5x10)

$30/$50 Annually

Safe Deposit Box Late Fee

$5.00 Annually

Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement Fee

$15.00 per key

Safe Deposit Box Drillout Fee

$65.00 each

Electronic Fees

VISA Debit ATM Withdrawal   5 Free per month then $1.00/each

VISA Debit ATM Deposit

5 Free per month then $1.00/each

Transfer or Balance Inquiry Fee


VISA Debit ATM Error Fee

VISA Debit Replacement Card Fee $5.00/each*

VISA Debit Reactivation Fee


VISA pin Reminder Fee


VISA NSF Items Fee

ACH Debits NSF Fee $25.00/item
ACH Stop Payment Fee $20.00/item*

*Sales tax applicable

Fee Schedule as of January 1, 2015.