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Home Equity

Click here to download a Home Equity Loan application.

Term & Conditions
  1. 5 – 10 years in length
  2. Property must be located in Iowa
  3. Interest may be tax deductible, consult your tax advisor.
  4. Rates subject to length of loan, please call for current rates.
In order to apply for a Home Equity loan, a completed loan application will need to be submitted, along with the following original documents. Your originals will be returned to you upon completion of loan.
  1. Current payroll stub(s)
  2. If employed less than 1-year, 2-year complete tax returns are needed.
  3. If self-employed, 2-year complete tax returns are needed.
  4. Copy of current property tax assessment or certified appraisal of property if less than 12 months old.
  5. Proof of all loan balances on property.
  6. Proof of insurance coverage on property.
  7. If consolidating with proceeds from loan, current statements needed.

Once all information has been gathered, loan application completed and signed, please submit to the following address:

United Service Credit Union
909 9th Street
West Des Moines, IA 50265

Should you have any addition questions, please give us a call at 515-867-2200 or 800-262-3818 and ask for the Loan Department.

Tips for calculating equity in your home:

Tax accessed value time (x) 85% = _____________ - (minus) balance of first mortgage = $ available for a home equity loan.

****see attachment for PDF of loan application